Boundary Meets Infinity

Boundary Meets Infinity


Fine Art Print on Canvas
Custom Wood Floater Frame

28.5” x 38”

The lunar cycle graces the night sky against the majestic Ibizan mountains. A full moon capstone illuminates the scene, exalting the Full Buck Moon of 7-7-17, when a sacred union occurred, inspiring the commission of this piece. 

The antlers of a deer are bestowed as a crown to a magnificent warrior-shaman, an adornment symbolizing the sacred bridge between earth and sky, further emphasized by the overlapping, double infinity symbol representing divine union. During a deer's life cycle, the antlers are discarded and grown again, symbolizing the temporal, regenerative nature of physicality and the evolution of consciousness. 

The shaman is a master healer and teacher, surrounded in this depiction by quartz crystals, the living incarnations of divine frequency conducting subtle energy and amplifying intention. The shaman is simultaneously lover and warrior, sensual and receptive, yet courageously galvanized to her path of awakening and truth. She deftly balances masculine and feminine energies, becoming a vessel for the spirits of Shiva and Shakti.

Crafted with Peruvian mineral pigments & crystals, the color teal disseminates a calming, refreshing and balanced wholeness. The accents of bronze/antimony signify the beauty of adaptability and cooperation, as the element is strengthened when combined with another metal. This speaks to the wisdom and strength that is gained from joining with others in co-creation.

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